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Oftentimes in our lives, necessity is the mother of invention. Many of us don’t choose the paths we ultimately take. Instead, our circumstances dictate our undertakings. After a successful stint as a high school basketball coach, in the Spring of 2012, I was offered a job at the college ranks. During this time, our 5-year-old son was diagnosed with Juvenile Dermatomyositis(JDM), a rare autoimmune disease that severely limited his motor skills due to an increased level of muscle deterioration, which confined him to a wheelchair. As a result, I was forced to put my dreams on hold and become his full-time caretaker. My new reality consisted of physical therapy sessions, traveling to see pediatric specialists, and a countless number of sleepless nights at the hospital bedside of my terminally-ill son. In the midst of trying to find peace and a reason to remain hopeful, prayer was my only solace.  I firmly believe that many times God’s gift of purpose for our lives can be wrapped in pain, disappointment, and temporary setback. It was in my darkest hour that I found inspiration.

During one of my son’s physical therapy sessions, I watched him struggle to complete two  pushups. As sadness and self-pity began to overtake me in that moment, tears streamed down my face. My son then waddled over to me, gently wiped my eyes and said, “Mom, I only did two today, but I will do five tomorrow.”

That moment provided a valuable life lesson for me because I drew so much strength from my son’s words. He was the source of my inspiration to found this organization, and the strength and courage he exhibited in the face of adversity at such a young age is a microcosm of what I hope takes root in the lives of the young ladies Pretty Girls Pound the Rock, LLC is granted the opportunity to influence—the strength to GRIND it out no matter how intense life’s struggles become; the ability to WIN the day in order to accomplish their long-term goals; and the focus, discipline, and sense of purpose to REPEAT the process.

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