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GladiatHers Women in Sports Empowerment Summit 2019
GladiatHers: Women of Purpose

GladiatHers Women in Sports Empowerment Summit 2019

GLADIATHERS® WOMEN IN SPORTS EMPOWERMENT SUMMIT 2019 On January 30, 2019, over 200 women filled the 20th floor of the Sloppy Floyd Building for the GladiatHers® Women in Sports Empowerment Summit, a day-long summit held to inspire, empower and connect women in the sports industry. The Summit united ambitious, health and wealth conscious women ages 22 and over for a day of learning, growing and having fun! Attendees heard from a dynamic keynote speaker, Sarah Thomas, Official for the NFL. In addition to the workshops and keynote address, there were panel discussions with women who are making headlines and demolishing records in the sports industry such as Catie Griggs, VP of Business Operations for Atlanta United; Nicki Collen, Atlanta Dream Head Coach (WNBA Coach of the Year); Kara Lynn Joyce, 4-Time Olympic Medalist; and Yolanda Moore, 2-Time WNBA Champion to name a few. The Summit followed by the GladiatHers® Mixer sponsored by Titos, that allowed summit attendees and others to further connect and hear from another panel of experts. As a part of its diversity and inclusion efforts, the NFL sponsored 40 women in sports from the Atlanta University Center to attend the GladiatHers® Women in Sports Empowerment Summit. Proceeds from The Summit went to Legacy 53, Atlanta Super Bowl Host Committee’s community engagement initiative whose focus is on celebrating and elevating Atlanta communities through a variety of activities. The Blanks Family of Businesses along with the Atlanta Braves, Hennessy, Georgia Power, and Coca-Cola joined the efforts of supporting women in sports by becoming official sponsors of the GladiatHers® Women in Sports Empowerment Summit. ____________________________________________ Follow Cecelia & GladiatHers®: Instagram: @sportyesquire Instagram: @gladiathers Facebook: @gladiathers Twitter: @wearegladiathers ____________________________________________ Click to tweet: .




PGPTR’s services were created with the intention of developing on-the-court skills related to the sport of basketball. Additionally, PGPTR focuses on the development of off-the-court life skills that are essential to every young woman’s existence. As such, our corporate structure allows us to generate revenue based on sport-specific client services in three ways—by offering individual skill development courses, team skill development courses, and online merchandise products. A portion of the revenue generated from PGPTR’s client services is then used to fund our non-profit organization, POUND THE ROCK PROJECT (PTRP), which is responsible for the course offerings and the development of the curriculum for the off-the-court life skills part of our operation.  Listed below are the products and services offered by PGPTR, followed by the life skills offered by PTRP.


Client Services for Individual Skill Development


A basic skill development course that takes place over 7 consecutive Sundays, designed for young girls between the ages of 5 and 18, with less than 3 years of competitive basketball experience. This course focuses on introducing fundamental skills to beginners who are interested in improving their understanding of the game. With a maximum of 30 attendees per session and the allotment of 1 coach for every 10 attendees, this will ensure adequate supervision and an optimal learning environment for each young girl.


***We offer a 7 Sundays Bundles Package which includes all seven sessions. For team rates please contact us at


An advanced skill development course that takes place over 4

sessions, designed for young girls between the ages of 5 and 18, with over 3 years of competitive basketball experience. This course focuses on the offensive skill development of more seasoned basketball players, with an emphasis on effective go-to moves. With a maximum of 30 attendees per session and the allotment of 1 coach for every 10 attendees, this will ensure adequate supervision and an optimal learning environment for each young girl.


***We offer a Countermove Clinic Bundles Package which includes all four sessions. For team rates please contact us at

Client Services for Team Skill Development


This is the ultimate ladies league, with teams having the opportunity to compete in the spring, summer, and/or fall sessions. Each team participating is required to consist of a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 12 players. Each session includes 6weeks of league play, which takes place one day per week. League-play is followed by onedouble  elimination tournament, and it is exclusive to our clients who are at least 16-years-old


PGPTR ONLINE MERCHANDISE STORE: This print-on-demand store allows the participants in our league, the attendees of skill development courses, our partners and associates, and supporters to purchase items featuring the PGPTR logo to promote the visibility of our brand, which aims to serve an ever-expanding community of female basketball players.

POUND THE ROCK PROJECT (PTRP), a Non-Profit Organization















MENTAL HEALTH: In today’s society, many young ladies struggle with anxiety, depression,

and other social phobias. Much of it has to do with the ways in which they are conditioned to

define themselves through social media. PTRP plans to develop a curriculum to combat these

forces that will assist young ladies with healthy definitions of themselves that affirm their self-



NUTRITION: PTRP seeks to educate young ladies by offering courses pertaining to the role

nutrition plays as it relates to athletic performance and bodyweight management.




STUDY SKILLS: Proper study skills are the foundation of any good student. PTRP aims to assist

our clients with skills related to time management, organization, and the ability to prioritize

assignments related to their coursework.


ACADEMIC ASSISTANCE: It’s a well-known fact that many students struggle in certain areas.

PTR plans to provide our clients with access to tutors in the core areas focused on in STEM

(Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics).


ACT/SAT PREPARATION: Academic and athletic scholarships are often awarded based on a

student’s ability to perform well on standardized tests. PTRP’s mission is to equip our clients with

test-taking strategies and a base of knowledge to ensure they are prepared to perform well.


Career Development


PROFESSIONAL PATHWAYS: The vast majority of high school and college students are

unaware of the skill set and coursework required to work in their desired profession. PTR plans

to educate our clients regarding what is required to achieve success in a wide range of



Financial Literacy


MONEY MANAGEMENT, BANKING, CREDIT, INVESTING: It’s imperative that our clients

understand the basics of the banking system; the importance of money management; the role of

credit; and the basics of investing. PTRP aims to provide young ladies with information that can

serve as the building blocks to further expand their knowledge of the financial system.



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