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A PGPTR Trainer or PGPTR Host Coach will take you through a phenomenal PGPTR workout each Sunday.  The  sessions will last 60 minutes. (3:00-4:00pm).  The workouts will be every Sunday, June & July 2024 with few exceptions.This series will engage, enrich and educate an up and coming basketball rockstar.  Workouts will mimic college style pre-season workouts. They will help improve  Basketball IQ, develop leadership skills and add value to your game.  If the participant comes consistently and is open to the information she will improve.  Workouts will be at New Life Church 1156 N Oliver. Sessions are $20 per session ONLINE ONLY or $25 at the door. We are offering a Seven Sundays Package which includes all seven, 60 minute sessions for $115 if you complete registration before June 9, 2024.

PGPTR 7 Sundays Bundle

Excluding Sales Tax
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