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Pretty Girls Pound the Rock, LLC  Girls Basketball


young, female athletes


Pretty Girls Pound the Rock features a Girls Basketball Development Program that inspires and empowers the next generation of female athletes.

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PGPTR's CEO LaToya Randle speaking with PGPTR clients about hard work.
Pretty Girls Pound the Rock, LLC Trademark


MISSION: To create a girls basketball development program that embodies, empowers and uplifts the next generation of female athletes ages 5-18.

VISION:  PGPTR aims to establish itself as the leading resource for branding, developing, and delivering products and services tailored to young female athletes. Through its educational initiatives and development opportunities, our brand focuses on empowering and elevating girl basketball players forging their progress in the world of sports.

Through girls basketball, we are given a rare opportunity to build athletes'   confidence, self-esteem and develop great well-rounded people. Statistically, boys are given 1.3 million more opportunities to play sports.  Despite the unfavorable circumstances for young ladies we, at Pretty Girls PTR want girls to understand, they too possess greatness inside.  For every $100 in sales, we invest $25 in a girls' sporting event or team.   By investing in girls' sporting events and teams Pretty Girls PTR is making a bold statement: GIRLS ARE WORTH IT!  
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