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Many female athletes find it difficult to navigate societal norms regarding their ability to balance the perceived soft nature associated with being a woman, with the hard, ultra-competitiveness many would argue is a prerequisite for success in sports, and a trait that has traditionally personified masculinity. Female athletes face the challenge of possessing a persona that makes them relatable to other girls, but they must also be tough enough to be taken seriously by a society that views male and female athletes through different lenses.


Consider the Following:


  • Young girls between the ages of 5 and 18 have 1.3 million less opportunities in sports in comparison to young boys their age

  • Girls face unequal experiences in sports due to financial constraints, safety concerns, limited access to quality coaches, and reduced athletic budgets for female sports

  • By the age of 14, girls drop out of sports at twice the rate of boys, many of whom are young women of color, who are not afforded the same opportunities as their male counterparts

  • 51% of girls discontinue their participation in sports before they reach 17 years of age

PGPTR aims to provide practical solutions that assist young women by tailoring our services to create a culture that not only nurtures and supports young female athletes, but one that also underscores our mission to create a girls basketball development program that embodies, empowers, and uplifts the next generation of female athletes.

Over 90 percent of C-Suite female executives played sports, and of that group, 54% competed at the collegiate level. The aforementioned statistic illustrates the direct correlation between female athletes and leadership roles at the corporate level. PGPTR’s vision is to establish itself as an organization that provides educational initiatives and development opportunities that focus on elevating female athletes on and off the court.


PGPTR IS THE SOLUTION TO ADDRESS THE MARKET’S NEEDS! We have the resources and expertise to address the basketball skill development needs of individuals—those young ladies that are novices who have minimal familiarity with the sport, as well as those who are experienced and seeking an organization to assist them in further advancing their skill set. PGPTR is not limited to individual skill development because we also offer avenues for teams to build camaraderie and chemistry

in a 5-on-5 setting. However, we firmly believe that our commitment to provide our clients with off-the-court lifeskills is what makes our organization unique and the ultimate solution to address the needs of young ladies. Since its inception, it has been PGPTR’s intention to create a haven that fosters growth and development of the whole woman. As such, in addition to basketball skill development, we implemented 4 pillars that have become the foundation of our services in areas we believe are critical to the ultimate success of the young ladies we are so fortunate to serve.  As we brainstormed areas we hoped to provide a positive and permanent impact in the lives of our clients, we established a criteria for determining which pillars would be selected to manifest the vision of our organization. In doing so, we asked ourselves the following questions:





Does it RESONATE with our target market?


In order for our organization’s mission to serve its intended purpose, each pillar must concern an area that is RELEVANT to young ladies today. The goals we intend to attain based on focusing on a particular area must also be REALISTIC based on the metrics we use to evaluate its effectiveness. And lastly, our services must RESONATE with our clients. In other words, we felt it was imperative to tailor our services to the niche market we serve in order to increase and sustain demand.  As such, we concluded the 4 pillars of PGPTR’s stated objective to develop the whole woman are encompassed in the following areas:






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